Jewellery Retail Solution for Show Room Management.

The Jewelry Retial Solution Designed specifically for jewelry retail Show Room inventory & accounts management. Jewelry Retial Solution delivers comprehensive inventory management, customer relationship management, and point of sale features. Fully integrated for e-commerce sales.

The Jewellery industry relies to design systems where inventory (with precious metal and stone tracking) and security are essential. Our systems are user-friendly, multi-user Windows products with Microsoft SQL Server databases. Jewelry ERP Software Solution for inventory & accounting takes care of operations ranging from purchase, Sales & Exports, Approvals, return & repair, transactions with contractors, style, imaging and similar operations which are of importance to a jeweller.

Jewelry Retial Solution - Features

Masters: Easy to create all masters for jewellery management (Item/Stone/Labour)

Multi Currency Feature.

Update Ready Jewellery with Daily Metal Rates.

Imaging (means attachments of particular jewellery photos and its printing on memo) facility available.

Catalogue Slide Show Presentation.

Catalogue Ready Stock, Sold Items, Purchase Items.

Quotation/Estimation: Create Quotation/Estimation on your part with change all details at the time.

Purchase Control (Metal, Finding, Ready jewellery Stone.

Finished jewellery purchase (Party/date/bill/item/barcode/weight wise details).

Labour account (i.e. credited making charge).

Approval: In-Coming/OutGoing (Stone, Ready Jewellery)

Financial Accounting (Outstanding, Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P&L Account)

Cash/Fund Flow With All Accounts

VAT Analysis Reports.

User Control (i.g. Salesman, Production Manager, Admin, Purchase User)

Label Print With Bar-coding of the finished jewellery at the time of receiving from direct purchase/closing stock.

Sale the finished product/Jewellery barcode wise fast and compatible.

Barcode wise/weight wise of gold/diamond/stone wise inventory hunt at the time of sale invoice.

Fixed M.R.P. items sale invoice with proper inventory reports.

Separate inventory for different groups (i.e. 24ct, 22ct, 20ct, 18ct ornaments etc.)

Multi description/narration entry facility available.

Gross weight, net weight, pure weight calculation automatically at the time purchase and sale of ornaments.